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Episode 113: Craft Not Carbon in Crystal Palace, and popping to Penge. Listen here.

Episode 112: Urgent funds needed for Bromley youth charity JusB. Listen here.

Episode 111: Jake, 15-year old JusB volunteer. Listen here.

Episode 110: Interview with Sue Spike of the County Chronicle magazine. Listen here.

Episode: 109: Cllr Hannah Gray, Mayor of Bromley. Listen here.

Episode 108: Bodyguard and @betsiatthemarsden. Listen here.

Episode 107: Poetry and the Orpington Literary Festival. Listen here.

Episode 106: Shrek, Victoria sponge controversy, and the ABBBA’s. Listen here.

Episode 105: Flavia Bertram on Green Energy. Listen here.

Episode 104: Let’s Talk Better at Bromley Voluntary Assembly. Listen here.

Episode 103: Immy Share: Big Positive Digital Stories. Listen here.

Episode 102: Lesnes Abbey and the heart of a Princess. Listen here.

Episode 101: Bromley’s Abi Hudson, in Titanic The Musical. Listen here.

Episode 100! Anniversary show featuring some of our favourite moments from the earlier 99 shows, and new content from Westcombe Park RFC. Listen here.

Episode 99: Let’s Talk Better launch. Listen here.

Episode 98: Vibe Arts Theatre School, Bickley. Listen here.

Episode 97: Good Vibes in Bromley, feat. an extract of an upcoming episode with the Vibe Arts Theatre School. Listen here.

Episode 96: Actor Robert Daws, appearing in Wodehouse In Wonderland at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley between 9th and11th March. Tickets here. Listen here.

Episode 95: Signature Care Home, Menopause The Musical 2, and The Dementia Diaries. Inc. interviews with journalist and author Susan Elkin, Courtney from the Signature Care Home in Beckenham, and Joe from the Bridge House Theatre in Penge. Listen here.

Episode 94: Zidan Miah, from Bromley FC to Rayo Vallecano. Listen here.

Episode 93: Zidan Miah, ocelots, and Laura’s Larder competition. Listen here.

Episode 92: Interview with Parisa Wright, Founder of Bromley’s Greener and Cleaner Hub. Listen here.

Episode 91: Greener, Cleaner, Happy New Year 2023. Listen here.

Episode 90: Interview with David Walker, Chief Executive of Bromley Third Sector Enterprise. Listen here.

Episode 89: Bromley’s Got Talent 2022 winner Oliver Anderson on the day his new single ‘Surrender’ is released. Listen here.

Episode 88: Bromley Well, Bethlem Art Fair, and seasonal nails. Including interviews with artist Leon Bailey about the Bethlem Art Fair 2022 recently launched with the Beckenham Business Association, and with David Walker, Chief Executive of Bromley Third Sector Enterprise about Bromley Well and local help for those most affected by the cost of living crisis. Listen here.

Episode 87: Christmas, Toast, and Hygiene Kindness. Listen here.

Episode 86: Interview with Anton Du Beke, who is in the Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley. Listen here. Tickets here.

Episode 85: Life In Bromley, Michelle Obama, and period pants. Listen here.

Episode 84: Interview with Lloyd Hollett, actor and co-writer in the Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley. Listen here. Tickets here.

Episode 83: Cockermouth, Coney Hall and Classic Movie Themes. Listen here.

Episode 82: interview with Rhianne Drummond, Princess in Jack and the Beanstalk pantomime at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley. Listen here. Tickets here.

Episode 81: interview with Oliver Boot, Detective Inspector Craddock from The Mirror Crack’d at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley, 22-26 November 2022. Listen here.

Episode 80: Interview with Ellie Reeves, Member of Parliament for Lewisham West and Penge. Listen here.

Episode 79: Wellbeing, Cllr Simon Jeal, and Kraftverk in Penge. We interview Cllr Simon Jeal, Chair of the Penge Festival, and talk with Conrad at the Revolution Records shop in Penge. Listen here.

Episode 78: Let’s Talk and the Octopus Lady. We talk about the new #LetsTalkbetter campaign started by Buzz co-presenters Zeenat Noorani and Darren Weale, and interview the ‘Octopus Lady’ raising money for Reptile Rescue by selling lovely crochet creatures, including dragons. Listen here.

Episode 77: Best Exotic Marigold Bromley, with Rula Lenska. With window cleaning at Biggin Hill airport on site from Jason Murrell of Jade Window Cleaning and Support Services, Rula Lenska ahead of her starring in the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel at the Churchill Theatre (18-22 October), dog parties, hiring a hedge trimmer from Bromley’s Library of Things in The Glades shopping Centre, and much more. As the show closes, Zeenat comes over very Transylvanian as Dracula is coming in November to the Bridge House Theatre in Penge. Listen here. Or find us on Spotify, Audible, Listen Notes, Tune In and Apple.

Episode 76: Coconut latte’s, Black History Month, and Penge Pride. With Joyce Fraser OBE of the Black Heroes Foundation, Cllr Simon Jeal, Chairman of the Penge Festival and Millie Knight, Chair of the Friends of Cator and Alexander Park, Don Burford of Bromley, Lewisham, and Greenwich MIND. Listen here.

Episode 44: Screams and Moonage Daydreams. With actors from Theatre 62 and Joe from the Bridge House Theatre in Penge. Listen here.

Episode 43: Macmillan sparkles in Bromley. Listen here.

Episode 42: Anton Du Beke, Start Up Bromley, and Biggin Hill downpour. Listen here. Tickets here.

Episode 41: Caredogs, Chinese lions, and Penge street art. Listen here.

Special episode: London Calling street art to Penge interview. Listen here.

Special episode: Orpington Wellbeing Cafe launch. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/special-episode-orpington-wellbeing-cafe-launch

Special episode: with Philip Tagoe of the Bromley Beacon Academy. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/special-episode-with-philip-tagoe-of-the-bromley-beacon-academy

Episode 40: Dogs, Dance and Bikes. Featuring poet Theresa Lola, Alison Ferrao, Artistic Director of Magpie Dance, and Philip Tagoe, Head of School at Bromley Beacon Academy. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/episode-40-dogs-dance-and-bikes

Special episode: Interview with Alison Ferrao, Artistic Director of Magpie Dance. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/special-episode-magpie-dance

Episode 39: Bowie, Jim Brown, and Orpington Wellbeing Cafe. The episode begins with an introduction by Jim Brown at the launch of Bromley Football Club’s new club shop, which is named after him. Interviews with Jim and club Chairman Robin Stanton-Gleaves follow. More here. This episode was recorded at Orpington Methodist Church, on the day of the launch of the Orpington Wellbeing Cafe, which offers fortnightly entertainment, social interaction and a hub to access health advice and services for people in Orpington and beyond. Regular Bromley Buzz podcast guest Gareth Bacon MP opened the Cafe. We have a brief interview with comedian Sara Barron after she performed at Three Hounds Beer in Beckenham, part of the Bromley Arts Festival, and ahead of her appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe. We talk with two (!) David Bowie’s from the Ziggy Stardust Family Funday in Beckenham, plus the man behind the Bromley Bowie Facebook page. There is lots of What’s On this week including a Pride Showcase on 26th July at Bromley Picturehouse as part of the South London Film Festival. Plus the Young Poets of London day of poetry readings and workshops (and skateboarding) at Church House Gardens, Bromley Town Centre, 11:30am-9pm on Saturday 30th July.

We reflect on the recent Orpington Children’s Business Fair and talk about the ‘curry in a hurry’ offered by the Copper Ceylon restaurant, We share a sponsorship appeal by the lovely Chelsfield Village Voice magazine which needs funds for its print copies to continue to be published. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/episode-39-bowie-jim-brown-and-orpington-wellbeing-cafe.

Episode 38: It’s hot stuff in Bromley! Link: We talk about Beckenham’s Taste of the Caribbean Festival where we met author of History Through The Black Experience, Simon Hudson, and cover the latest Beckenham Business Association event with Chair Jane Rogers at BAU Studios. Zeenat gave a great talk about confidence for business people, and we told attendees all about the Bromley Buzz. There is more on the Bromley Arts Festival and a thank you to the County Chronicle for covering it. We have interviews with business coach Lee Lam ahead of the Orpington Children’s Business Fair on 16th July and with “big foodie” Haran Thurairajah of the newly award-winning Copper Ceylon restaurant, crochet and knitting at Orpington Library, and the usual array of diverse content about our lovely, diverse borough.  Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/episode-38-it-s-hot-stuff-in-bromley

Special episode: the Bowie Experience at Churchill Theatre, Bromley, on 24th July. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/special-episode-david-bowie-experience

Special episode: interview with Peter Fortune, London Assembly Member for Bexley and Bromley. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/special-episode-peter-fortune-london-assembly-member

Episode 37: Introducing the new ‘Briefcase full of Bromley’ which contains things we talk about in the episode, and, for this episode, a harmonica. We interview Jane Rogers, Chair of the Beckenham Business Association, and discuss recent and future events in the borough. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/episode-37-briefcase-full-of-bromley-beckenham-business-association

All this and much more, plus Zeenat provides her regular empowering question….

Special episode: Miss Janet Lewis, MBE, Founder and Director of the English Youth Ballet, which is Bromley-based. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/special-episode-janet-lewis-mbe-director-of-english-youth-ballet

Episode 36: Wembley, Jersey Boys, and Community Links Bromley. We reminisce about Bromley FC winning the FA Trophy at Wembley Stadium – and has crowd noise from when the winning goal was scored by Michael Cheek, and a recap on our interview with Manager Andy Woodman. We review the ‘triumph’ (yes, we said that) that is The Jersey Boys at the Churchill Theatre and talk with audience members and use an excerpt of our interview with Michael Pickering who plays Frankie Valli. Christopher Evans, Chief Executive of Community Links Bromley, explains what the organisation does. https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/episode-36-wembley-jersey-boys-and-community-links-bromley

Special episode: Churchill Theatre Jersey Boys preview with Michael Pickering. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/jersey-boys-churchill-theatre-preview-with-michael-pickering

Special episode: Dr Sam Parrett CBE, Group Principal and CEO of London & South Education Group, which comprises London South East Colleges with eight campuses across the region and London South East Academies Trust with eight schools across Bromley, Bexley and Surrey. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/special-episode-dr-sam-parrett-cbe-of-london-south-east-colleges

Special Episode: Interview with Cllr Hannah Grey on her first full day as new Mayor of Bromley. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/special-episode-mayor-of-bromley-councillor-hannah-grey

Episode 35: Romans, Drag, and Cup Final. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/episode-35-romans-drag-and-cup-final

Special Episode 18: Bromley FC Manager Andy Woodman before the FA Trophy Final at Wembley on Sunday 12th May. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/special-episode-andy-woodman-bromley-fc-manager-before-wembley-final/

Episode 34: LGBTQ+ and Bromley, Bethlem and more. This episode features interviews with Alex Thomas of Metro Charity which provides services and get togethers, sometimes with guest dog, for eligible LGBTQ+ people in Bromley, and ours and audience views of A Murder Is Announced at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley, on until 14th May. We visited the Bethlem Museum of the Mind and Bethlem Art Gallery and talk at length about that profound experience, and we reflect on the recent Council elections, U3A in Bromley, a visit to the Farmers Market at Biggin Hill Memorial Museum, Bromley’s viral TikTok video, and much more. We record once again from the Newman Flexible Workspace and say just how much we loved seeing Shakespeare In Love at Bromley Little Theatre (on 6th-14th May).

Episode 33: Chislehurst, Bromley Arts Festival, and deep fried mars bars. Featuring interviews from the Steering Committee of the Bromley Arts Festival (1st-31st July) and with ‘serial volunteers’ Alison Stammers and Michael Jack of the Chislehurst Matters party ahead of the 5th May local elections, on their background, their community, and how to start a political party! Plus their favourite dishes at Ginger Spices. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/episode-33-chislehurst-bromley-arts-festival-and-deep-fried-mars-bars

Special Episode 17: Interview with Gareth Bacon, MP for Orpington. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/special-episode-gareth-bacon-mp-for-orpington

Episode 32: Art launch in Orpington. We talk with the audience at Looking Good Dead at the Churchill Theatre, talk with a Maria at the Community Iftar at the Al-Emaan Centre in Keston, and interview local artist Beci Ward about her new mural at the GPO Orpington, where we also spoke with General Manager Jo. Hear Lauretta Wright, Editor of Life In Bromley magazine, read out her editorial introduction to the new May issue. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/episode-32-ramadan-art-launch-life-in-bromley-and-looking-good-dead/

Episode 31: With guest co-presenter Gareth Bacon, MP for Orpington; Steven Archer from Charles Darwin School on ‘I’m A Media Student: Get Me Out Of Here’; John Vallely of Westcombe Park Rugby Club; and audience reviews from The Rocky Horror Show at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/episode-31-with-special-guest-gareth-bacon-mp-charles-darwin-school-westcombe-park-rfc-and-rocky-horror

Episode 30: With Oti Mabuse; Adam Woodyatt; children and a mum from the Orpington Children’s Business Fair, and more. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/episode-30-childrens-business-fair-oti-mabuse-adam-woodyatt-and-more

Special episode 16: Interview with Rocky Horror Show’s Frank N Furter

We talk with actor Stephen Webb ahead of the show appearing at Bromley’s Churchill Theatre, 11-16th April 2022. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/special-episode-interview-with-the-rocky-horror-show-s-frank-n-furter/

Episode 29: Community Green Hub opens, Love Da Beat Radio, and more

In a show introduced in Polish by Joanna of the Polo Market in Bromley, We cover the launch of the Community Green Hub in The Glades in Bromley, visit Love Da Beat Radio in Penge, and regret the absence of prosecco when recording the show. We cover lots of What’s On, including at West Wickham’s Theatre 62. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/episode-29-community-green-hub-opens-love-da-beat-radio-and-more

Special episode 15: From the Bridge House Theatre in Penge

We recently interviewed Joseph and Luke, the actor-masterminds behind the Bridge House Theatre in Penge. They talk about the highly varied output of the theatre, taking it over as an ’empty black box’ and throwing themselves ‘heart soul and mortgage’ into it. They talk about the latest and upcoming productions. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/special-episode-from-the-bridge-house-theatre-in-penge.

Special episode 14: Bob Stewart, MP for Beckenham, interviewed

In a candid and at times touching interview via Zoom with Darren Weale and Sarah Marsh-Collings, Bob talked about his military career including some of its most harrowing moments, his interest in the welfare of ex soldiers and he tells “stories I wish people would hear”, touches on the 106th Royal Artillery at Grove Park (interview with Warrant Office Mark Cain here), what Remembrance Day means to him, and the war in the Ukraine. He talks about friendships across political boundaries and fellow Bromley MP Ellie Reeves, his in at the deep end introduction to political selection, helping people and intervening for them as an MP, middle class poverty, property ownership and the young, the care of the elderly, and the NHS. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/special-episode-bob-stewart-mp-for-beckenham-interviewed

Episode 42: Including interviews at Orpington Football Club feat. Gareth Bacon, MP for Orpington, and new sponsor Manak solicitors, plus interviews at Laura’s Larder in Petts Wood on their 2nd anniversary, and an excerpt of an upcoming interview with Bob Stewart, MP for Beckenham. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/episode-28-talking-with-two-local-mp-s-and-interviews-from-orpington-fc-and-laura-s-larder-2nd-anniversary.

Episode 42: Theatre in Bromley. Talking about theatre across Bromley, with audience members from The Addams Family at the Churchill Theatre, and the Director of Taken at Midnight at Bromley Little Theatre. Published 3.3.22. Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/snapshot-theatre-in-bromley

Episode 40: Exclusive interview with dancer Johannes Radebe before his Freedom show tours the UK and lands in Bromley on 30th March (tickets here). Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/special-episode-exclusive-interview-with-johannes-radebe

Episode 39: With our first Mega Buzz!  We take on the musical Waitress, and we talk with actor Paul Hutton who appeared in Hairspray, which is now touring elsewhere in the UK. Before that, we get very excited talking exclusively with dancer Johannes Radebe (the Mega Buzz). We speak with people at the book launch of Michelle Elman‘s ‘The Importance of Being Selfish’ at Waterstones in Bromley where she talked with Megan Jayne Crabbe, have a speech and interview from the Rotary Youth Awards, a snippet of advice from Nancy James at a Start Up Bromley workshop on branding. And we talk bubble tea, bubble tea espresso martinis, poetry at the Al-Emaan Centre, review a Farnborough Dramatic Society production, and much more.  Link: https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/episode-27-johannes-radebe-waitress-and-hairspray-musicals-rotary-bromley-and-more/

Episode 38: Interview with Sir Bob Neill MP – published 19.2.22. From Churchill Theatre. Link – https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/special-episode-interview-with-sir-bob-neill-mp

Episode 38: Start Up Bromley – published 16.2.22. From Bromley library workshop room. Interview Martin Stone and Loretta Awuah. Link – https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/special-episode-start-up-bromley

Episode 37: Announcement special: Your Bromley ups its buzz online. From – McDonalds, Bromley town centre. Interview – with Your Bromley/Bromley BID Zoe Griffiths and Andy Bawn. Link – https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/announcement-special-your-bromley-ups-its-buzz-online

Episode 36 – with Sir Bob Neill, MP; CASPA; and Hairspray – published 8.2.22. From Newman Flexible Workspace, Churchill Theatre and via Zoom. Interviews – Sir Bob Neill MP extract, Kevin Clifton extract, Hairspray audience members, CASPA. Link – https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/episode-26-with-sir-bob-neill-mp-caspa-and-hairspray . WeTransferred to Business Bunker

Episode 35: Interview with Councillor Aisha Cuthbert – Loneliness is everybody’s business. From – Newman Flexible Workspace – published 5.2.22. Link – https://bromleybuzz.podbean.com/e/special-episode-interview-with-councillor-aisha-cuthbert-–-loneliness-is-everybody-s-business.

Earlier episodes – see this document for interviews and (once we have added them!) links to all episodes of the Bromley Buzz podcast.