Welcome to the Bromley Buzz

The Bromley Buzz podcast is available on Podbean, Alexa, Spotify, Apple, Audible, Amazon, Google Podcasts, Tune In, and Listen Notes.

On 4th August 2021, the first episode of the Bromley Buzz podcast, named ‘Pilot’ was published. Co-hosts Darren Weale and Zeenat Noorani didn’t know what to expect. The podcast, suddenly put together to get some long-overdue talking going about what the people in the London borough of Bromley are up to, might have ended there if it hadn’t been well-received. However, then promoted solely via Darren and Zeenat’s LinkedIn pages, and shared by Sarah Marsh-Collings, who suggested the name, that first post produced a surprising amount of views. Comments like these inspired us:

“Love this and please let me know more so I can promote it and help in any way.” – former Mayor of Bromley and Bromley’s current Small Business Champion, Councillor Hannah Grey

“Great initiative Darren Weale, Zeenat Noorani and catchy name Sarah Marsh-Collings. Greatly looking forward to hearing more and how Rotary can contribute.” – Christine Atkinson, Bromley Rotary Club

“I loved listening to this – you both covered a lot of ground and I believe this will be a real success. Happy to help in any way that I can.” – Chandra Sharma, Elmcroft Business Services

“Looks like you have hit on something here Darren.” – Nicky Barclay, Priory Live Festival and Everybreath UK

“What an awesome pilot episode . As a Bromley resident for over 21 years, i reckon it is a great way to highlight “Bromley Vibes” by such skilled and talented individuals. Love all the work you and Sarah Marsh-Collings and Tangent Office Resources do in making a difference to others. Looking forward to your next podcast.” – Sushma Raval, Naani Maas Cuisine.

We share how great Bromley is whenever we can and have appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio London, in First Voice (FSB magazine), and in Life In Bromley and Life In Orpington magazines.

“Fantastic! Well done Darren – such a wonderful idea! 💡.” – Lauretta Wright, Life In Bromley and Life in Orpington magazines

“Well done Darren. Let’s celebrate all the great things about our fantastic Borough of Bromley. Informative Proactive rather than reactive. A fantastic place to live and work. Keep up the good work.” – Lee Thomas, Fairlight Group

“This is what podcasting does BEST. Creating conversation in spaces where there hasn’t been any previously! And those who take that first step go down in history as pioneers.” – Neal Veglio, podcasting expert

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