Death Drops into Bromley

‘Death Drop – Back In The Habit’ glitzed its way to Bromley on the 27th October, and remains in The Churchill Theatre until the 30th, with Legendary drag queens and stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Willam (A Star Is Born, Nip/Tuck), and Cheryl Hole (Celebrity Juice, The Only Way is Essex) leading an all-drag cast including River Medway, Victoria Scone and Drag King superstar LoUis CYfer (Winner – Drag Idol, Death Drop) in this murder mystery comedy. 

Writer Rob Evans and Director Jesse Jones have created a performance that gave the audience a treat of comedy, puns, and an integrated twist of movie references that puts a whole new spin on murder, religion and, of course, Drag.

A member of the audience I spoke with said, “It was funny and entertaining, whilst courageous and ground-breaking with some societal norms. Really liked how movies were referenced and integrated into the play’s story. Passive interaction with audience was nice.’’

Fabulously dressed to kill, the killer drag nuns at St Babs are trapped in their convent with a serial slayer slashing its way through the sisters after a visit from Father Romero, who is somewhat trapped with the sassy fierce nuns Sister Marple, Sister Mary Berry, Sister Maria Julie Andrews and Sis Titis. All of whom leaving you with your mouths and eyes wide open as clues are unearthed by Sis Marple.

It is a playful and cheeky new take on a murder mystery that brings mainstream global drag to the stage. Whilst it is a unique production filled with laughs, it doesn’t quite pay off in the execution of its storyline.


By Zeenat Noorani, 30th October 2022

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