Swan Lake: Total awe

I was in total awe as I sat, immersed, watching the beautiful performance of Swan Lake presented by The International Classic Ballet Theatre at Bromley’s Churchill Theatre. Swan Lake is a tragic tale of love that triumphs over evil. Prince Siegfried, given a bow and arrows, heads off hunting into the forest where he meets and falls in love with Odette, Queen of the Swans, merely to be tricked into betraying her with devastating consequences. 

The beautiful performance brought back a flood of wonderful memories of my time as a ex-dancer and ex-professional ice-skater performing to the famous composer Tchaikovsky. Here, his music was exquisitely played by a full live orchestra. A score that will always be remembered. Every time I hear the tune, it gives me goosebumps- transporting me to another world. 

The company of international dancers touring now, from the United States, take to the stage with delightful pirouettes, grande jetes and battements, and incredible arabesques with such elegance and ease. The jester (a very good dancer) kept the audience entertained with his leaps across the floor and quirky mischievous actions.

International ballerinas were selected by the Artistic Director, Marina Medvetskaya, a former prima ballerina of Tbilisi State Academic Opera and Ballet. Each dancer is evidently chosen for their gracefulness, skill and flexibility, all essential for the classical style of ballet presented.

One of the audience, who had never been to a ballet performance before, told me that he found the performance interesting, but was slightly lost about the storyline until he read the brochure at the interval.  When asked if he would see it again and any other balletic performances, he replied, ‘Yes, as this has opened my eyes to something new and different to what I would normally see. It has given me a different perspective of the meaning of ballet. A great evening out!’

The International Classic Ballet Theatre perform Swan Lake at the Churchill Theatre in Bromley from Wednesday 11th to Thursday 12th January. They then move straight onto the Nutcracker, from Friday 13th to Saturday 14th January. Tickets here.

Zeenat Noorani, 12 January 2023

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